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Bajo Calima y Bahía Málaga

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The Bajo Calima y Bahía Málaga (BCBM) project is an avoided deforestation project on the Pacific coast of Colombia. It protects and restores an area of land the size of the city of Austin, Texas. This project is next to a major growing metropolitan area, making its protection all the more critical and urgent. The BCBM project exists in one of the cloudiest and rainiest areas of the world, receiving over twenty-two feet of rain per year, which also makes it a very unique ecosystem where flora and fauna thrive. Thanks to enormous annual rainfall and the topographic diversity, the project is incredibly biodiverse with 831 bird species, 195 amphibians, 167 mammals, 210 reptiles, and 5124 plant species. The project estimates that there are a further 18 mammal, 9 amphibian, and 5 reptile species threatened or endangered within the area covered by the BCBM project. This project is community driven, with the local landowners forming into Governing Councils to help oversee execution of the project and the funds that come from these carbon credits (with support from NGO Fondo Accion). A considerable amount of project programming is spent on community engagement and improvement, including improving health outcomes, infrastructure, and livelihood. This includes working with local agroforestry to improve yields without deforesting additional land. The BCBM project has achieved the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity certification from Verra to represent its positive impacts on the community and wildlife.


Species of plants and animals protected
Metric tons of carbon reduced over 30 years


  • Protects critical lands from future deforestation.
  • Provides protection for thousands of different species of plants and animals by protecting the land they live on.
  • Fosters community engagement in the protection of these lands and animals by getting local community members involved in the conservation efforts.
  • Improves harvestry practices that help increase crop output without clearing any additional forest that would previously be needed to supply more land.



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