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Leverage Yotpo together with EcoCart to drive better results for a more sustainable brand. Using Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals points and rewards, and SMSBump messaging flows, you can encourage, reward, and thank your customers for actively reducing their carbon footprint.

This integration is available for Loyalty & Referrals and SMSBump customers on all Yotpo plans.



of shoppers

want to support brands who are taking climate action.


more likely

to make a repeat purchase after taking a sustainable action.


higher AOV

among sustainability-focused shoppers.


Create loyalty programs, encourage referrals, and increase SMS engagement with sustainability focused rewards and communications. Reward shoppers more loyalty points for electing sustainable options, enable them to leverage those points to take further action, and build your relationship with them through post-action SMS communications that give insight into their impact.

You can leverage our integration with Yotpo by following the directions on their integration page.




Increase CLTV through loyalty program engagement.

Drive repeat purchases with personalized sustainability communications via SMS.

Encourage referrals by aligning with shoppers’ values.