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A Guide to Merging Sustainable Action with Your Loyalty & Retention Strategies


The future of ecommerce brand awareness strategy nurtures customer loyalty through sustainable action.

2 out of 3 consumers check if a brand is sustainable before purchasing, meaning brands can use their sustainability initiatives to gain a wider audience, increased brand awareness, and build a loyal customer following.

Propelling your online brand to new heights in 2024 means aligning your brand identity with the values of today’s conscious shoppers. We partnered with experts in the field of customer loyalty, digital marketing strategy, and ecommerce to bring you a transformative guide on weaving sustainability in loyalty and retention strategies. 

Loyal and sustainable shoppers are one and the same. By infusing sustainability into your digital marketing strategies you not only empower your loyal customer base to make eco-conscious choices but also gain a wider audience by attracting more sustainable customers. And, studies reveal that these eco-conscious consumers contribute three times more to your bottom line than their non-sustainable counterparts. In a world where consumers actively seek brands championing climate action, integrating sustainability into your loyalty and retention strategies becomes the key to unlocking brand awareness, engagement, and exponential growth.

What You’ll Learn: In addition to things like Google ads, awareness campaigns, content strategy, and influencer marketing, a potential customer and an existing customer need to know you’re sustainable across their entire customer journey. This guide will give you an in-depth understanding of crucial topics that will reshape your brand recognition:

  • Uncover compelling data showcasing the preference for sustainable brands among today’s shoppers.
  • Understand the importance of effectively communicating and marketing your sustainability initiatives to resonate with your audience.
  • Learn how to seamlessly weave sustainability into your consumers’ digital journey using EcoCart.
  • Explore strategies to integrate sustainability into your loyalty programs for lasting customer connections with LoyaltyLion.
  • Discover the eco-friendly side of email marketing with insights from Dotdigital.
  • Harness the power of SMS to retain a loyal audience and engage in personalized one-on-one conversations with Postscript.
  • Enhance customer loyalty and retention through personalized strategies, guided by Rebuy.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to future-proof your brand for years to come.

Download our guide now and equip your brand with the knowledge and strategies needed to thrive in the era of sustainability.

Get started on your sustainability journey with EcoCart.

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